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Northeast Woody/Warm-season Biomass Consortium

Leadership, Stakeholder Involvement, and Program Evaluation

This ambitious program will be carried out through the coordinated efforts of consortium members, working in partnership with state and federal agencies such as USDA Rural Development, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and state Departments of Economic Development, Agriculture, and Natural Resources.  Thorough formative and summative program evaluation will take place annually, with detailed reporting of effort impacts and efficiencies. The education team will use formative evaluation information to support communication, monitor progress toward goals and objectives, and make necessary improvements throughout the project. Each Extension program will undergo a rigorous evaluation that will provide quantitative and qualitative data on the effectiveness of the NEWBio Consortium, and will use input from the researchers and stakeholders to increase the impact of the extension program.

Task 8. Knowledge to Action (K2A) and Evaluation (Richard, Volk, Lindenfeld, Leahy)

Strong stakeholder involvement in all center activities will link the production of Knowledge with Action (K2A), enabling researchers to produce scientific outcomes that will achieve salience, credibility, and legitimacy.112 K2A enhances the ability of scientists to align their work with stakeholders’ needs and leads to improved decision making and project efficacy. Incorporating a K2A component will facilitate improvements in the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Likewise, improving the impact of science depends on the development of stronger models of K2A.

Large-scale, replicable K2A models are currently being developed at UMaine that draw on the latest findings from interdisciplinary research being carried out by faculty teams from the disciplines of communication, economics, and psychology. These K2A models provide clear guidance for how complex research can efficiently transfer to practice. Table 1 (see below) is a timeline, including thrust and key management, coordination, and evaluation tasks including:

Expected outcomes

Expected outcomes include:

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