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The Northeast Woody/Warm-season Biomass Consortium (NEWBio) is a regional network of universities, businesses, and governmental organizations dedicated to building robust, scalable, and sustainable value chains for biomass energy in the Northeast (NE). Driven by the broad societal benefits that sustainable bioenergy value chains could provide, NEWBio aims to overcome existing barriers and dramatically increase the sustainable, cost-effective supply of lignocellulosic biomass while reducing net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, enhancing ecosystem services, and building vibrant communities.

Led by Penn State University, NEWBio includes partners from Cornell University, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, West Virginia University, Delaware State University, Ohio State University, Rutgers University, USDA’s Eastern Regional Research Center, and DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory.

The NEWBio Consortium includes partner companies throughout the value chain from crop genetics to fuel use, as well as state and local agencies, industry associations, citizen groups, and environmental and economic development organizations with an established track record of collaboration and impact (see descriptions of demonstration sites and letters of commitment).  NEWBio is designed to link the production of knowledge with action by understanding and incorporating stakeholder/public values and needs. Over 50 stakeholder organizations have already helped develop the scope and priorities of NEWBio, and are actively forming partnerships for demonstration, deployment, and regional transformation.

Penn State University   Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cornell University   Ohio State University
Delaware State University   Rutgers University
Drexel University   University of Vermont
SUNY-ESF   West Virginia University
Idaho National Laboratory   USDA-ARS


Executive Committee

Tom Richard Penn State University 814-863-0291
Tim Volk SUNY-ESF 315-470-6774
Larry Smart Cornell University 315.787.2490
Jingxin Wang West Virginia University 304-293-7601
Barbara Kinne Penn State University 814-865-1585

Team Co-chairs

Theresa Selfa SUNY-ESF 315-470-6570
Matt Langholtz Oak Ridge National Laboratory 865-574-6520
Stacy Bonos Rutgers University 732-932-9711 x. 255
Erin Searcy Idaho National Laboratory  
Armen Kemanian Penn State University 814-863-9852
Sabrina Spatari Drexel University 215-571-3557
Dennis Murphy Penn State University 814-865-7157
Dan Ciolkosz Penn State University 814-863-3484
Venu (Kal) Kalavacharla Delaware State University 302-857-6492
Mike Jacobson Penn State University 814 865 3994
Dave Marrison Ohio State University 440-576-9008
Jessica Leahy University of Maine 207-581-2834
Laura Lindenfeld University of Maine 207-581-3850

Senior Personnel

Larry Abrahamson Cornell University 315-470-6777
Kwesi Boateng ARS/USDA Akwasi.Boateng@ARS.USDA.GOV 215 233 6493
Beth Boyer Penn State University  
John Carlson Penn State University 814 863 9164
David Dowler Penn State University  
Andrea Feldpausch-Parker SUNY-ESF 315-470-6573
Shawn Grushecky West Virginia University 304-293-9417
Marvin Hall Penn State University  
Julie Hansen Cornell University 607-255-5043
Sue Hawkins UVM & eXtension 802-257-7967 Ext. 313
Clare Hinrichs Penn State University  
Stephen DiFazio West Virginia University 304-293-5201
Jude Liu Penn State University  
Andy McAloon ARS/USDA 215-233-6619
Dave Mortensen  Penn State University 814-278-8688
Brian Richards Cornell University 607-255-2463
Corey Rutzke Cornell University  
Jeff Skousen West Virginia University 304-293-2667
Evelyn Thomchick Penn State University 814-863-3567
Don Viands Cornell University  
Annmarie  Ward Penn State University  
Peter Woodbury Cornell University  
Jeff Yanosky Penn State University 717-531-7178
Aaron Yoder Penn State University 814-863-8124
NEWBio (consortium members below) is supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant no. 2012-68005-19703 
from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.
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