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Wood-Based Energy in the Northern Forests
A New Release for the Emerging Bioenergy Economy

NEWBio team members Michael Jacobson and Daniel Ciolkosz (both at Penn State) edited this volume described by the publisher as the "first comprehensive overview of wood-based bioenergy in the northern hardwood forests of the eastern United States." With contributions by several NEWBio project members, the publication provides valuable background on the bioenergy industry and practical hands-on guidance for those involved in, or considering becoming involved in, the bioenergy economy.

Chapters include Forestry in the Northeast, The Economic Availability of Woody Biomass Feedstocks in the Northeast, Carbon Cycle Implications of Forest Biomass Energy Production in the Northeastern United States, Traditional Breeding, Genomics-Assisted Breeding, and Biotechnological Modificaiton of Forest Trees and Short Rotation Woody Crops, Biomass Harvesting Systems and Analysis, Residential Wood Heat in the Northeast, Biofuel Productions, Emissions and Health Effects of Wood Biomass Combustion, Applied Social Science Considerations to Improve Woody Bioenergy Research and Development Effectiveness, and Financing for Project Development. Available in hardcover and eBook formats from

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