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The Northeast Bioenergy Scholars Program is an exciting summer research experience program for enthusiastic undergraduates who are interested in exploring bioenergy utilizing cutting-edge techniques. Check out the list of current topics and locations for summer research opportunities. An accepted scholar receives a stipend to help cover living costs during the program.

Inquire - and apply for the program!

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Download an Application for Summer 2015. The deadline for submitting your application will be February 01, 2015, but it is a good idea to get it in early if at all possible. Students can come from any part of the country, but positions will be at Northeast US universities.

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This program is a great opportunity to work with researchers from Penn State University, Delaware State University, Cornell, Rutgers, West Virginia University, and other participating institutions. You also will be interacting with other students like you, especially during the oneweek orientation program held at the start of the summer.

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Some of the highlights of what you will gain from the program include:

  • Impressive resume - preparing yourself to compete globally;
  • Great research experience - under field or lab conditions; and;
  • You are opening a gateway for graduate studies or for better career opportunities.

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About the Program

The Bioenergy Scholars Program offers summer research work to undergraduates, who can apply to work at one of several universities in the Northeast US (including Penn State, Cornell, Rutgers, West Virginia University, SUNY ESF, and Delaware State University and others). After a one-week orientation program at Delaware State, students will be brought to their host university to spend the summer working side by side with graduate students and researchers on important bioenergy topics. Students will prepare a paper based on their work for presentation at the end of the summer. Applicants should have an interest in bioenergy, but students from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations are encouraged to apply.

Apply Now! Applications due Febrary 15, 2015 for Summer 2015.

What it offers

The Bioenergy Scholars Program gives undergraduate students an excellent opportunity to meet and work with other students interested in bioenergy, to gain hands-on knowledge of the topic, and to learn about exciting opportunities in this field. All of this comes while earning a summer paycheck, working at one of the beautiful college campuses in the Northeast United States.


Contact Kal Kalavacharla or Latha Melmaiee, Program Coordinators, or Tiffini R. Johnson, CIBER and Outreach Coordinator

Center for Integrated Biological and Environmental Research (CIBER)
College of Agriculture & Related Sciences
Delaware State University
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 857-6492
Fax: (302) 857-6402

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