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Bioenergy Scholars Program - Research Posters

These are copies of posters created by Bioenergy Scholars as part of their summer research project. Listed below are the titles, student, co-authors and faculty mentor for each project.

Summer 2013

Bioenergy Feedstock Production: Challenges and Opportunities. Rachel Aponte, University of Maryland; Mingxin Guo, Delaware State University.

Biomass Preprocessing and Pretreatment for Biofuels and Bioproducts. David Martino, Penn State; Jingxin Wang, West Virginia University.

Genetic Approaches To Increase Anthracnose Resistance In Switchgrass. Shannon Hennessey, SUNY ESF; Stacy Bonos, Rutgers University.

Growing Biomass on Marginal Soils. Brenna Stow, University of Wisconsin; Armen Kemanian, Penn State.

Identification, Cloning, and Expression of a Full-Length Methyltransferase Gene from Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) Genotypes AP13 and VS16. Brittany McCarthy, James Madison University; Venu Kalavacharla, Delaware State University.

Production of Biodiesel from Fresh Vegetable Oil and Waste Frying Oil. Jeremy Buhain, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Mingxin Guo, Delaware State University.

Tracking short rotation woody crop (SRWC) planting operations in northern New York. C.Bush, T.A. Volk, SUNY ESF.


Summer 2014

Epigenetic and Transcriptome Analysis of the Switchgrass-Anthracnose Interaction. D Clayton, E Fiedler, V Ayyapan, V Kalavacharla, Delaware State University.

Identifying Molecular Markers Linked to Anthracnose Resistance in Bioenergy Crops Switchgrass. L. Harris, K. Melmaiee, M. Crampton, V. Kalavacharla, Delaware State University.

Identification of SSR Markers to Study Genetic Diversity of Colletotrichum navitas, the Causal Organizm of Switchgrass Anthracnose. C. Mann, V, Avarello, J. Vaiciunas, C. Kubik, L. Beirn, J. Crouch, J. Honig, S. Bonos, Rutgers University.

Impact of Soil Acidity on Switchgrass Biomass. J. Volcko, J. Crawford, R. Crawford, J. Hansen, D. Viands. Cornell University.

Evaluating Crop Boundaries and Tillable Acreage in Commercial Bioenergy Willow Fields. I Knipfing, J Heavey, T Volk. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Quantifying Sugar Removal from Willow Biomass Using Hot-Water Extraction, Based on Densification Methods. N Sprenkle, A Falcon, X Xie, J Wang. West Virginia University.

Effects of Torrefaction on Willow. E Simsek, D Ciolkosz. Penn State.


Summer 2015

Identification of Domains-Rearranged Methyltransferases (DRM1) in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.). S. Anyika, A. Brown, V. Kalavacharla. Delaware State University.

Identifying transcriptionally active regulatory DNase I hypersensitive sites in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) genotypes AP13 and VS16. R. Davis, M. Crampton and V. Kalavacharla. Delaware State University.

Comparison of stress genes in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) genotypes under drought conditions. I. Fisher, A. Brown, V. Kalavacharla. Delaware State University.

The Impact of Particle Size and Torrefaction on Sorption Capacity of Switchgrass, Giant Miscanthus, and Shrub Willow. R. Hilton, D. Ciolkosz, S. Wurzbacher. Pennsylvania State University.

Carbonized Woody Biomass for Capacitive Deionization. T. Kallfelz, X. Xie, J. Wang. West Virginia University.

Impact of Anthracnose on Biomass Yield and Composition of Switchgrass. G Lee, L Hoffman, E Weibel, S. Bonos. Rutgers University.


Summer 2016

Phenotypic variations in shrub willow under water stress. C Leary, A Agloro, E Fabio, L Smart. Cornell University.

Arthropod Biodiversity in Cellulosic Bioenergy Crops. L Lynn, L Hoffman, L Struwe, and S Bonos. Rutgers University.

Assessing the Potential of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and Related Soil Amendments to Inhibit Root Pathogens of Food and Bioenergy Crops. C Peña1, D Lynch, J Cainong and R Goswami. Delaware State University

Mechanical Properties of Miscanthus (M. Giganteus). N Ramos-Solis1, Y Sun, D Morehouse, and J Liu. Penn State University.

Biomass Pricing for Woody Biomass in Pennsylvania. K Schneider. Penn State University.

Growing Conditions and Their Effect on Chlorophyll Fluorescence. P. Whitehouse. Delaware State University.

Thermal Characterization of Directional Liquefaction Lignin for High Value Applications. A. Steiner, X. Jie, J. Wang. West Virginia University.

Summer 2016

Determination of Germination Percentage and Germination Index of Switchgrass Ecotypes in Reclaimed Mineland Soil. F. Amadou, S. Bonos , C. Kubik , J. Vaiciunas. Rutgers University.

Insect Communities in different families and crosses of Shrub Willow. T. Cheevaphantusri, S. Simon, S. DiFazio. West Virginia University.

Analysis of Gene Expression of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) Inoculated with Anthracnose (Collectotrichum navitas). S. Nicholas, A. Todd, J. Cainong, V. Kalavacharla. Delaware State University.

Understanding the Regulation of Histone Acetyltransferase (GCN5) and Deacetylase (HDA6) During Drought Stress in Panicum Virgatum L. J. Veeria, R. Hayford, and V. Kalavacharla. Delaware State University

Evaluation of Switchgrass Populations for Resistance to Bipolaris Seed Rot and Seedling Vigor in Varying Soils. D. Washington, K. Songsomboon, R. Crawford, J. Crawford, D. Viands, J. Hansen. Cornell University.

Effects of Soil Water Stress on Switchgrass Development. F. Williams, M.n Guo, D. Lynch, I. Fisher, V. Kalavacharla. Delaware State University.

Salt-responsive genes compared among three switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) genotypes. J. Wu, M. Guo, I. Fisher, V. Kalavacharla. Delaware State University.





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