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To meet project goals, NEWBio focuses efforts in eight areas: human systems, feedstock improvement, harvest-preprocessing-logistics, sustainability, safety and health, extension, education, and leadership-stakeholder involvement.

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Results of NEWBio research activities are summarized in laymen's terms on the NEWBio Publications page and are also available on the national Farm Energy eXtension website.

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Recent Publications

A greenhouse gas abatement framework for investment in district heating.
L. Björnebo, S. Spatari, P.L. Gurian
2018. Applied Energy 2018. 211, 1095-1105. DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2017.12.003

Leading large transdisciplinary projects addressing social-ecological systems: A primer for project directors.
S.D. Eigenbrode, T. Martin, L. Wright Morton, J. Colletti, P. Goodwin, R. Gustafson, D. Hawthorne, A. Johnson, J. T. Klein, L. Mercado, S. Pearl, T. Richard, and M. Wolcott
2017. 69 pp.

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