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Upcoming Events

  • October 19, 2016
    National Bioenergy Day
    Visit the NEWBio table at Caledonia State Park
    Registration and More Information
  • October 26-27, 2016 RESCHEDULED
    for April 5-6, 2017
    Designing Sustainable, Working Landscapes with Perennial Crops for Bioenergy and Ecosystem Services
    New Short Course!
    State College, PA
    Registration and More Information
  • November 2-4, 2016
    Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference
    San Francisco, CA
    More information
  • November 8-11, 2016
    2016 Frontiers in Biorefining: Chemicals and Products from Renewable Carbon
    St. Simons Island, GA
    More information
  • January 27 and February 17, 2017
    Northern Tier Hardwood Association Wood Energy Workshops
    Wayne Conservation District Park Street Complex
    Honesdale, PA (Jan. 27)
    Morrisdale, PA (Feb. 17)
    More information
  • February 17, 2017
    Advanced Wood Energy for Schools, Businesses and Communities
    West Branch School District
    Morrisdale, PA
    More information
  • April 5-6, 2017
    Designing Sustainable, Working Landscapes with Perennial Crops for Bioenergy and Ecosystem Services
    New Short Course!
    State College, PA
    Registration and More Information
  • July 24-25, 2017
    Building the Northeast Bioeconomy: Making Connections
    NE Regional Bioeconomy Symposium
    Details forthcoming

New Safety & Health Resource for Biomass Producers

This best practices manual provides risk-reduction information and resources for agricultural entrepreneurs and will help biomass producers plan for effective safety and health management programs. This program planning manual has five units of recommended safety and health best practices for biomass production.

Click here for more information.
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To meet project goals, NEWBio focuses efforts in eight areas: human systems, feedstock improvement, harvest-preprocessing-logistics, sustainability, safety and health, extension, education, and leadership-stakeholder involvement.

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In the Spotlight

NOTICE: Perennial Crops for Bioenergy & Ecosystem Services Short Course Rescheduled

This short course has been rescheduled for April 5-6, 2017. Offered by Penn State Extension in partnership with Penn State Biomass Energy Center and the NEWBio bioenergy consortium, Designing Sustainable, Working Landscapes with Perennial Crops for Bioenergy & Ecosystem Services will provide an in-depth look at opportunities for the use of perennial biomass crops in accomplishing conservation and rehabilitation goals on a landscape scale.

This short course will run on April 5 (1:00-4:30 pm) and April 6 (8:20 am-4:00 pm) at The Penn Stater Conference Center in State College, PA. For more information and registration, please refer to the event website.

CenUSA MOOC: Introduction to Perennial Grasses for Biofuels

CenUSA Bioenergy’s new on-line, self-paced course is intended for learners age 14 and up. The course, known as a MOOC was developed by members of CenUSA's Education and Outreach and Extension Objectives and covers a variety of topics related to perennial grasses intended for use as biofuel. Click for more information.

CenUSA is a sister bioenergy coordinated agricultural project.

Latest Bioenergy Webinar

The Bioeconomy's Human Element
Wes Eaton, Penn State

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NEW Safety and Health LearnNow Video

Hazards of Biomass Production on Marginal Land

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NEWBio Year 4 Annual Report Is In!

NEWBio has completed the fourth year of its five-year project and can identify project outcomes in several areas. Our team is in the process of identifying behavioral and institutional barriers to biomass stakeholder engagement and is modeling biological, social and economic variables that influence the availability of perennial biomass crops. Harvesting and preprocessing models are assisting stakeholders in research trials even as they undergo refinement. Project team members are analyzing key sustainability metrics, improving feedstock varieties, and continuing education programs to link activities and results to diverse audiences. These activities are increasing awareness and building capacity in the bioeconomy pipeline. Read more...

USDA Biobased Products Report Issued

A new report released October 3, 2016 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that in 2014, the biobased products industry contributed $393 billion and 4.2 million jobs to America's recovering economy. The report also indicates that the sector grew from 2013 to 2014, creating or supporting an additional 220,000 jobs and $24 billion over that period. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, who has identified the biobased economy as one of the four pillars that support our country's rural economy, released the report at a luncheon today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Latest NEWBio Factsheet!

Penn State Extension has released a new factsheet on Willow Harvesting Equipment Considerations. NEWBio has made both specialized planting and harvesting equipment available to growers. However, growers should be aware of all of the costs associated with harvesting, especially, costs to adapt local forage harvesters to fit the willow cutting header. It is also important for growers to be cognizant of other management costs associated with planting, maintenance, and marketing prior to embarking in willow production.

New Publications of Interest

  Switchgrass biofuel production on reclaimed surface mines: I. Soil quality and dry matter yield.
Brown, C., T. Griggs, T. Keene, M. Marra, and J. Skousen.
Switchgrass yield and quality on reclaimed surface mines in West Virginia: II. Feedstock Quality and Theoretical Ethanol Production.
Brown, C., T. Griggs, and J. Skousen.
Planting rates and delays during the establishment of willow biomass crops.
Bush, C., T.A. Volk, M.H. Eisenbies.
Changes in feedstock quality in willow chip piles created in winter from a commercial scale harvest.
Eisenbies, MH, TA. Volk, A. Patel.
Genotype by environment interactions analysis of North American shrub willow yield trials confirms superior performance of triploid hybrids
Fabio, E.S., Volk, T.A., Miller, R.O., Serapiglia, M.J., Gauch, H.G., Johnson, G.A, van Rees, K.C.J., Labrecque, M., Amichev, B.Y., Hangs, R.D., Kuzovkina, J.A., Ewy, R.G., Kling, G.J. and Smart, L.B.
Recently Bred Willow (Salix spp.) Biomass Crops Show Stable Yield Trends Over Three Rotations at Two Sites
Sleight, N. and T. Volk.
Directional liquefaction coupling fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass for platform chemicals.
Xu, J., X. Xie, J. Wang, J. Jiang

Latest News

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