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The Business of Biomass - Case Studies of Commercial Success
NEWBio is creating informative and concise write-ups showcasing Northeast U.S. businesses successfully engaging in the "business of biomass" and contributing to the development of the renewable bioenergy and bioproducts supply chain.

Learn how Ernst Conservation Seeds (headquartered in Meadville, PA) re-purposed switchgrass biomass (left after seed harvest) into pellets for use as industrial absorbents for the oil and gas sector. The 50-year-old company, long a purveyor of native grasses for conservation, is expanding into the renewable energy and environmental protection sectors. "I think native grass biomass and forages hold a lot of potential, particularly when you look at the value of other ecological services that they provide, such as wildlife habitat, nutrient uptake, water purification and carbon sequestration," says Calvin Ernst, company founder. Read more.

Terra Green Energy, LLC
(in McKean County, PA) developed a torrefaction process that converts biomass into an energy-dense carbon carrier that can then be used in existing coal-fired power plants. The coal-fired electrical generation industry is changing, and Terra Green Energy is a part of that. "The synergies of co-firing have great value," says Tom Causer, Terra Green Energy President and COO. Burning torrefied biomass would help coal-fired power plants meet future carbon emission-reduction goals set by the U.S. EPA while still employing their valuable capital assets. Coal industry employees and the communities that host electrical generation facilities maintain their tax base and jobs. Read more.

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